Air Fryer Yam Fries

Gluten Free | Vegan |

Sometimes I crave a crispy snack like chips, but then I remember that my air fryer makes the best yam fries! It's super fast, simple and a healthier alternative to regular fries or chips.


- yams (your desired amount - I used half of a large yam here)

- avocado oil

- dash of smoked paprika

- dash of cinnamon

- dash of Himalayan sea salt

- dash of cracked black pepper

- fresh chopped parsley for topping


1) Cut up yams in fry shape. (the skinnier = the more crispy)

2) Toss fries in bowl with desired amount of avocado oil and spices.

3) Put fries in air fryer and turn onto air fry mode at 390 degrees for approx. 10 minutes. (cook time varies depending on amount, you should continue to check and shake as they cook)

4) Take out of air fryer once they are crispy and top with chopped parsley.

Don't have an air fryer? Use your oven and cook at 425 degrees until crispy.

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