Chickpea Pesto Pasta

Gluten Free | Vegan | Serves 2

Finding a good gluten free pasta can be a challenge, but I've finally found one that I absolutely love! Chickapea® pasta is delicious and nutritious with 23g of protein per serving. Combined with Le Grand Pesto Garden Sauce this is the ultimate comfort meal for a cold fall evening.


- 1 Zucchini

- 1 Portobello Mushroom

- 1 tbsp of Avocado Oil

- Cracked Black Pepper

- Dash of Oregano

- Half box of Chickapea® Pasta

- Desired amount of Le Grand Pesto Garden Sauce

- Desired amount of Klamata Olives


1) Cut up zucchini and mushrooms; then cook in air fryer (or oven) at 390 degrees with avocado oil, pepper and oregano for 10-15 minutes.

2) Boil Chickapea® Pasta according to box directions.

3) Drain water out once cooked but leave a little bit in the pot with the pasta (this helps create a even tastier sauce).

4) Mix in Le Grand Pesto Garden Sauce and cooked zucchini and mushrooms.

5) Plate and top with kalamata olives if desired.

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